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Surgical 5

Bone Grafting including Bone Spreading and Block Graft Harvesting

(20 CPD)   Pre-requisite Surgical 4

Course Outline

This regenerative course focuses on complex defect and vertical bone grafting. Treatment planning highlights considerations of the anterior maxilla for implant prostheses. The use of the ramus and chin as block grafting sites are presented.


Hands-on training workshops and live surgical demonstrations are an integral feature of Surgical 5.


Live Surgery - Participants are encouraged to perform surgery on their own patients under Bii supervision and mentorship.

Course Topics

Course Objectives

Piezo harvesting of bone

Flap design principles

Tissue release to allow tension free closure

Block graft harvest

Implants and maxillofacial prosthodontics

Learn the steps in the protocol for harvesting bone blocks from the mandibular ramus and symphysis


Apply the use of Piezo surgery to harvest blocks from the ramus and chin


Understand the complications - during surgery, immediate post-operative and long term for the harvest site of the ramus and/or symphysis


Undertake various flap design procedures


Master tissue release procedures to expand flaps to allow tension

free closure


Employ layered suturing techniques to ensure flap stability


Understand the rationale for the use of non-resorbable graft materials to provide support for tissue contour or ovate pontic sites in the esthetic zone


Recognise the indications for subperiosteal implants


Appreciate the increased risk of implant failure in extremely dense bone

and apply methods to minimise this risk


Recognise the added need for advanced hard soft tissue manipulation,

host site preparation and advanced suturing techniques necessary for success of these complex bony deficiencies


Perform venepuncture blood draw and prepare blood spins of platelets

to incorporate into the graft


Use various PRF layer factors to enhance the large graft


Recognise the use of block grafts versus particulate grafts in the treatment of large and complex bony defects



A Brener Implant Institute (Bii) Implant Program

Bii programs are fully CPD compliant with current Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development


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