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The Brener Implant Institute (Bii) Master Implant Program is the only one in Australasia at which you can perform implant surgery on your own patients.

Perform implant surgery on your own patients under Brener Implant Institute's supervision and mentorship.


Gain practical experience to confidently perform prosthetically driven surgical procedures and complete the necessary prosthodontic rehabilitation.


Learn about office protocols and receive appropriate documentation to prepare your patients for surgical attendance.




Develop your prosthetic

and surgical implant skills

through the Brener Implant

Institute (Bii) comprehensive

Master Implant Program.

Take the Prosthetic or Surgical Implant Program

individually, or take both under the umbrella of the

Brener implant Institute (Bii) Master Implant Program.


Develop your prosthetic and surgical implant skills

through a  combination of comprehensive hands-on training workshops, live surgery, lectures and demos.


Bii's Master Implant Program caters to both the novice and experienced implant clinician. The course order allows for a confident progression of implant skill and knowledge.

Obtain hands-on experience

at Bii's Master Implant Program

training workshops.

Bii helps set and elevate the standard of care in implant dentistry through hands-on training workshops.


Based on contemporary well documented information, Bii implant and bone grafting workshops provide dental clinicians with the skills and knowledge to make dental implant procedures safe and predictable.


Bii implant programs and training courses are fully compliant with current DBA Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Participants receive a Certificate of Completion.

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